International Representation

ExportPlus offers SMEs a full service international business development, which is effective and unique. Indeed, among the options available business development activities most commonly used are: participation in international events such as trade shows or trade missions or the use of public or quasi-public resources such as service representatives’ trade of Canada. However, none of these alternatives offer complete, affordable solutions ensuring concrete and measurable results for small and medium businesses.

The participation of a company in an international event (trade fairs, trade missions or delegations, conferences, seminars, training, etc.) is certainly is a very popular option for business development at several companies. However, it remains important to note that participation in trade shows and trade missions represents considerable investment in terms of time and in terms of money. Moreover, in the absence of rigorous follow following a trade mission results and return on investment will often prove very disappointing.

Beyond participation in a trade show or an international trade mission, various public and parastatal resources are available to companies wishing to expand into new markets. For example, the popular Trade Commissioner Service of the Government of Canada is a multilingual resource and completely free for Canadian companies. Due to its physical presence in the target market, your sales representative is usually able to provide practical information that will facilitate the achievement of results abroad. It is important to mention that the Trade Commissioner Service can represent a temporary use for your business, because if your sales representative can provide some very relevant information on the reality of the target market, the latter is usually not able ensure that the monitoring is needed to convert the information into concrete and tangible results. Despite free services for your trade commissioner, your company will, therefore, still provide an important investment to make follow-ups necessary to achieve concrete results.

Participation in trade fairs or international trade missions, as well as the use of Federal Trade Commissioner Service, therefore, represents interesting avenues of solutions for companies wishing to develop new markets. However, neither a trade show or trade mission, or a Trade Commissioner can be regarded as complete solutions. Additionally, the deployment of these solutions requires significant investment for small and medium-sized enterprises, both in terms of time and in terms of money. The range of services from ExportPlus represents the only comprehensively and affordable solution for your business. Contact us for further information, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed!