Recruitment office meeting In Short ExportPlus provides tailored services in international business development to small and medium sized companies. By offering your company the unique opportunity to subcontract in whole or in part its commercial development, we assist you in finding quickly and efficiently potential business opportunities in foreign markets. Therefore, we are acting as a development department by assisting your business in exploring new markets, without having to bear all the related costs.
Our Promise We are committed to contributing directly to the international success of small and medium sized companies by providing a multilingual commercial development service, which is productive, flexible, and confidential. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority and all the services that we offer are geared toward innovation, integrity, and sustainable development. Our Values

Customer Satisfaction 

Our top priority is to produce concrete and measurable results, which will exceed our customers’ expectations. That is why we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, regardless the nature of the project assigned to us.


The mutual trust between our customers and us is the fundamental basis of our business approach. Therefore, we are committed to providing a fully transparent service, confidential and free of any conflict of interest.


We firmly believe in the importance of continuously integrating innovative practices in our business approach. Therefore, we are constantly open to new trends in commercial development, in order to optimize the satisfaction of our customers, and to maximize the results of the projects assigned to us.

Sustainable Development 

We believe in an innovative and prosperous global economy that protects the integrity of the environment and promotes the maintenance of international social justice. That is why we are committed to actively promote sustainable development in carrying out each of the assignments we accept.