ExportPlus offers unique customized international business development service to small and medium-sized enterprises. By giving your business the opportunity to outsource part or all of its commercial development, we act as an export import department, working simultaneously for several non-competing businesses. We offer small and medium sized companies the opportunity to benefit from all the services of an integrated department of business development, without having to bear all the costs.

Our range of services includes all the elements necessary for the success of export and import of your business activities. Our services include: studies of international markets, search for business partners (customers, distributors, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.), representation abroad and monitoring of contacts. We also offer all the services of an integrated export agency to meet all the specific needs of your business.

The ExportPlus services are mainly for small and medium enterprises wishing to develop their export or import capabilities. All companies wishing to start or strengthen their import export business in or from Canada can receive ExportPlus services. Because we very particular about the requirements of clients, our business approach is suitable for all types of businesses.

In ExportPlus, we understand that the development of export activities is a complex and demanding strategic activity for SMEs. That is why we propose you to take charge of your business development in one or more foreign markets performing similar functions to those of an actual import-export department. By choosing ExportPlus you also choose access to an international network of specialists who have developed specific expertise in import export in more than 40 countries. No matter what is the size, goals or experience your business has in foreign markets, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

The majority of requests we receive relate to the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. However, regardless of the markets you want, experts in import export of ExportPlus have developed expertise in international commercial trade in more than 40 countries and are able to provide multilingual and fruitful service in all countries recognized by the United Nations.

Our expertise and our unique marketing approach contribute directly to the success of your export and import activities by allowing your company to seize new business opportunities in one or more markets. Whether you are looking for new customers or new suppliers, we know that our tailored approach — unique and proven — will result in significant benefits for your business.