1. What is ExportPlus?[+]

ExportPlus provides small and medium sized companies tailored services in international business development. By offering your company the opportunity to subcontract a part or the whole of your business development, we are acting as a development department, working simultaneously for several non-competing companies. Therefore, we offer to small and medium sized companies the unique opportunity to benefit from all the services of an integrated business development department, without having to bear all the related costs.

2. What services are offered?[+]

As an international business development subcontractor, we offer all the services necessary for your commercial success in foreign markets. Our services include research carried out in international markets, search for potential business partners (customers, distributors, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.), international representation, and follow-up with the new contacts. We offer integrated export agency services, and we can meet all the specific needs of your company. For more information on the services offered, we invite you to consult “Our Approach” section of our website.

3. Who can benefit from our services?[+]

Primarily, ExportPlus offers its services to small and medium sized companies, regardless of their experience in the international markets, of their sector of activity, or of their geographical location. All companies wishing to export or import to or from Canada may also benefit from the services offered by ExportPlus; our business approach is suitable for all types of companies.

4. Why should my company use the services offered by ExportPlus?[+]

At ExportPlus, we understand that the international business development represents a complex and very demanding strategic activity for an SME. This is why we offer you the possibility to entrust to us your business development in one or several foreign markets, and allow us to act as your company’s business development department. In addition, our “modular” commercial approach is oriented toward the achievement of results and adapts to the specific needs of your company. By choosing ExportPlus, you also choose to gain access to an international network of specialists who had acquired specific expertise in business development in more than 40 countries. Regardless of the size, goals, or the experience of your company in foreign markets, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed!

5. Which countries are covered?[+]

All countries are covered. Most of the requests received relate to the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Regardless of the market you are interested in, ExportPlus’ experts in business development are able to provide a multilingual and productive service in all the countries recognized by the United Nations based on their expertise in commercial development acquired in over 40 countries.

6. What are the sectors of activities covered by ExportPlus?[+]

Most of the projects entrusted to us come from the manufacturing sector, but our services are geared toward all sectors of activities. Regardless of the sector of activity in which your company operates, our business development experts have all the skills needed to achieve concrete, measurable results for your company.

7. Can a foreign company benefit from the services provided by ExportPlus?[+]

Yes. ExportPlus offers services to all companies wishing to export or import to and from Canada.

[+] 8. Can ExportPlus assist my company in its import activity?

Yes. The commercial development services offered by ExportPlus include finding, evaluating, and recommending international suppliers. Our unique and tailored approach allows your company to reduce its procurement and manufacturing costs, and gain a competitive advantage in each of your markets.

9. What is the “modular” approach of ExportPlus?[+]

At ExportPlus, we are aware of the financial reality of the SMEs and we understand the importance of delivering to our customers only the services that are really needed. That is why our “modular” approach allows you to select only the services (called “modules”) you really need and when you need them. Thanks to this unique modular approach, widely tested and fully customized to the specific needs of your company, you have always full control of the resources that you employ and on the results. For more information on the different modules offered, we invite you to consult “Our Approach” section of our website.

10. How much do the services offered by ExportPlus cost?[+]

ExportPlus’ unique “modular” approach allows you to choose only the services (called “modules”) that you really need. Our price structure depends on the number of selected modules, for which the price starts at $795. When you select more than one module, your company also becomes eligible for various significant discounts.

11. Can my company benefit from government subsidies?[+]

Possibly. Various ministries (departments) and agencies offer a full range of incentives and support programs for commercial development. Contact us for more information, we will be pleased to assist you in finding it out.

12. Are ExportPlus’ services profitable for my company?[+]

Yes. Our expertise and our unique commercial approach will contribute directly to increasing your sales and reducing your procurement costs by allowing your company to seize new business opportunities in one or more markets. Whether you are in search of a new customers or new suppliers, we know that our tailored approach, unique and widely tested, will result in significant benefits for your company.

13. What kind of results can I expect?[+]

By entrusting a project to ExportPlus, your company shall attain fully your specific objectives. The results typically achievable at the completion of a full term of six modules include the validation of the potential of a market or a product, finding new customers, suppliers, partners, technology, or business opportunities and signing of trade agreements. Depending upon your company’s goals, you will be able to notice the positive short-term effects on your turnover, or on the profitability of your business.

14. Are the results guaranteed?[+]

Yes. We are sure that our unique approach, widely proven and fully customized will effectively answer the specific needs of your business. This is why we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers for each of the projects we accept, regardless of the number of modules selected. In addition, we guarantee the achievement of concrete and measurable results for all complete packages of six (6) modules that we carry out.

15. What is the duration of the services offered by ExportPlus?[+]

A module lasts on average two to three weeks. Depending on the complexity of the target markets, the achievement of a full package of six modules is usually accomplished over a period of 12 to 18 weeks.

16. What is the role of the expert assigned to my project?[+]

The expert assigned to your project by ExportPlus is the person responsible for carrying out your project and acts as the primary point of contact between your company and ExportPlus’ network of International stakeholders. Independent, available at all times and pursuing actively the success of your business, the expert assigned to your project by ExportPlus coordinates for you all resources and activities necessary to the successful completion of your project.

17. Will the information concerning my company remain confidential?[+]

Absolutely. The mutual trust between our customers and us is the fundamental basis of our business approach. We are committed to offering you a professional, honest, and transparent service and we promise that all information you provide to ExportPlus will remain completely confidential and will never be disclosed without your written consent.

[+] 18. Does ExportPlus offer business development services in other Canadian provinces?

Yes. Besides being specialized in international business development, ExportPlus provides commercial development services in all Canadian provinces and territories.

[+] 19. My company is not involved in export activities, why should I consider the services offered by ExportPlus?

  • To increase your sales: Our approach to exploring new markets allows your company to seize new business opportunities, find new niches and diversify your customer base taking advantage of the global demand for goods and services.
  • To increase your profits: On the one hand, foreign markets may help you find new international suppliers, thus allowing you to reduce significantly your manufacturing costs. On the other hand, the diversification of your markets implies also a substantial increase of your sales, allowing you to maximize your resources and to achieve significant economies.
  • To increase your competitive advantage: The diversification of your markets enables your company to reduce its dependence on the local market. In addition, the international markets are replete with ideas, processes, and innovative techniques that will improve your competitive position and provide you with tools to boost your competitiveness in all your foreign markets.

[+] 20. My company has all the resources needed for international business development, why should I consider the services offered by ExportPlus?

  • To test a new product or market: Even the most reputed international companies must regularly test the receptivity of a market in relation to a new product or project. ExportPlus offers your company a unique opportunity to test these new products or projects at low cost.
  • For increased productivity: We understand that the highly competitive environment of your business requires the constant optimization of your human, material, and financial resources. By appealing to the experts of ExportPlus for your business development, you increase significantly your productivity by allowing your local teams to concentrate their efforts in the development of your current markets while ExportPlus ensures your development in new markets.
  • Because our service is guaranteed: We know that our approach will bear fruit and we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers for each of the projects assigned to us. In addition, we guarantee the achievement of concrete and measurable results for all complete packages of six (6) modules that we carry out. Regardless of your international business experience, ExportPlus represents an affordable, profitable, and guaranteed option.

Contact us and find how our services can be adapted to the specific needs of your company!