Business Development

Business development is the set of activities performed by a company in order to increase its sales in one or more markets. Among the activities of business development most commonly preferred by small and medium enterprises are: direct solicitation, participation in trade fairs and trade fairs, as well as conventional advertising. Activities of business development may, therefore, take different forms, and for profit it is crucial for any business to establish a coherent and synergistic relationship between each of the business development activities carried out. This coherence between the activities of business development is the development strategy of a company’s business and is a key aspect to the growth of any business.

However, lack of time prevents many companies to develop a coherent strategy and synergistic business development, which are often mixed, or disappointing results of business development activities carried out. Lack of time also forces many companies to overlook or rush through the necessary procedures to obtain results. However, only companies providing diligent and rigorous monitoring following the completion of activities of business development will be able to observe a real impact on their sales and market share. Lack of time represents a major obstacle to commercial development for several small and medium enterprises.

To counter this lack of time, most companies usually have the reflex to consider hiring additional staff as the only solution to make business development really applicable. While the addition of human resources allows the company to create extra time, with this solution the results are not guaranteed, although requiring a significant investment for SMEs. The lack of financial resources is also another obstacle in fundamental business development for small and medium enterprises. Indeed, advertising and participation in trade fairs and traveling abroad also represent significant investments, whose performance is often challenged by business managers.

Although fundamental to the growth of any business, business development represents a set of often costly and demanding SMEs activities. That is why ExportPlus offers to support your business development by providing functions similar to those of an integrated business development department. Our bespoke service allows your company to significantly reduce the necessary investments to business development activities, while maximizing results. Indeed, we know that our services will effectively address the specific needs of your business and that is why we guarantee customer satisfaction for each of the mandates that we accept.